Level Switches

Barksdale Solutions for all your level control and overfill protection problems.

When your level switch needs call for simplicity, reliability and accuracy, Barksdale has a model to meet your requirements. Barksdale Inc. mechanical level switch designs are based on simplicity. Utilizing only floats, magnets and highly reliable reed switches. Using this proven technology in innovative ways has resulted in some unique concepts in level sensors & control, several of which are now protected by international patents.
Barksdale level sensors provide 1/4 inch repeatability and never need calibration. They are designed to function in any liquid, even with a specific gravity as low as 0.55. Barksdale Inc level switches are fabricated from a variety of materials including engineered plastics, hastelloy, titanium and stainless steel, Barksdale level switches are able to withstand pressures to 6,000 psi (400 Bar) and temperatures to 600°F (320°C).
Barksdale features single and multi-point level switches, visual level indicating systems, and remote tank level indicating systems with 4-20mA output. And to alleviate environmental concerns, we offer an overfill protection system that helps eliminate toxic spills.
Barksdale point-level switches offer true versatility including up 6 switch points and a wide range of process connections. They are available off the shelf or customized to meet your specific requirements.
Barksdale's LevelSite visual level indicator uses large brightly colored flags that can be seen from over 100 feet away. Limit switches and a tank level indicating system can be added for remote monitoring in addition to our level switches.
NoSpill is the overfill prevention system that is used in conjunction with any other level indication and control system. Its microprocessor based diagnostic control system offers unprecedented protection, eliminating spills from tanks and other storage vessels.
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