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Pressure Switch Temperature Switch Market/Product Brochures

7000 Series Plastic or Stainless Steel

Series ML1H, L2H Local Mount Fluid Power

Series 9048, T9048 Sealed Piston

Series ML1S Bi-Metallic
Series MT1H, T2H Remote Bulb and Capillary Government/Defense

Series 9617 Sealed Piston

Series T1X,T2X, L1X X-Proof Local Mount & Remote Bulb & Capillary Marine

Series 96200 Pressure or Vacuum

Series THR, THL For Industrial Applications Oil and Gas

Series 9675, A9675 Sealed Piston, Double Make, Double Break

Series TPR For General Applications Product Overview

9671X Explosion Proof Compact Pressure Switch

Series TXR, TXL For Hazardous Areas Transportation

9681X Explosion Proof Sealed Piston Models

Hazardous Location

B1S, B2S, B1T, B2T Series Stripped and Housed Bourdon Tube

Directional Control Valve
Transmitters/ Transducers

B1X, B2X Series Explosion Proof Bourdon Tube

Model 20313 1/2" ShearSeal® Regulator Series 420, 422 General Industrial

Series C9612, C9622 Sealed Piston

Models 20415, 20115 3/4" Shear-Seal® Regulator Series 423N1, 425N1, 426N1 General Industrial J-Box

CD1H, CD2H Series Housed Diaphragm

Series 423, 425, 426 General Industrial
Series 423X, 425X, 426X Explosion Proof
518, 526 Series Shear-Seal® Manual Control Valve Series 433, 435, 436 Non-Incendive

D1S, D2S, D1H, D2H Series Stripped and Housed Diaphragm

Models A14, A20, H14, H20 Pilot Operated Directional Control Valve

Series 443, 445, 446 Intrinsically Safe

D1T, D2T Series Single and Dual Block Terminal Diaphragm Position Indicator For Series II Valve

Series 623, 625, 627 Low-cost Transducer

D1X, D2X Series Explosion Proof Diaphragm Series 140, 200, 920, 5620 Manual Control Valve
Solid State
Series 2190, 4140 Directional Control Valve
E1S, E1H Series Pressure or Vacuum - Econ-O-Trol Series 3760 Directional Control Valve SW2000 Pressure Switch
EPD1S, EPD1H Series Differential Pressure Series 422 Solenoid Directional Control Valve TS2000 Temperature Switch
MSPS/MSPH Series General Pressure Series 6140, 6180, 6900, 6940 Manual Control Valve UAS3 Trip Amplifier
P1H Series Dia-Seal Piston Series 9000, 9020 Manual Directional Control Valve UDS3 Pressure Switch
P1X Series Explosion Proof Series 9040, 9080 Manual Control Valve UDS7 Pressure Switch
Level Control
Series 96200 Two-Position and Three-Position Actuators UQS7 Flow Switch
UNS-VA/SB5 or SB4 (Series Bilge) Marine Approved Level Switch w/Slosh Shield
Air Suspension Valves
UTS7 Temperature Switch
52321 Series Air Suspension Other Sheets
52341 Series Air Suspension with Integral Dump Adjustment Instructions
UNS-MS or VA 1/8 NPT-BN25 (BLS-1700) General Industrial Multi-Purpose 54341 Series Reverse Integrated Dump Supplemental Guide
UNS-MS 1/4 NPT-BN30 (BLS-1900 General Industrial Multi-Purpose) 55521 Series Cab Air Suspension  
Aftermarket Replacement Height Control
UNS-PA or PP (BLS-7) Side-Mounted General Measurement Aftermarket Replacement Height Control - International
UNS 1000 Series (BLS 700) Top Mount, Multi-Stage to 40" Length    
UNS 2000 Series (BLS 800) Single/Multiple Switches with Temp Control    
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