Directional Control Valves

Whatever your pressure sensing , Control valves and monitoring needs, Barksdale has a pressure switch guaranteed to do the job. If you don't see the model or specifications you need, please call (800) 576-6308 or email. We are anxious to work with you and have many models which are not shown on this site.
For fifty years, Barksdale's patented Shear-Seal design control valve has been the valve of choice for applications requiring tight shut-off, low pressure drop, high flow rates, and long life. The Shear-Seal principle allows unmatched design versatility. It's at the heart of our simple panel mount shut-off air valves and our custom engineered automated 10-port injection valves for gas turbines.
The Barksdale Shear-Seal design control valve passes dirt and debris though the sealing rings instead of across the sealing surface. This basic control valve design feature not only reduces wear, it actually creates a lapping action between the sealing surfaces that results in a valve that "wears in" instead of "out." In fact, continual use can actually "heal" small scratches in the control valve sealing surface.
Barksdale's Shear-Seal control valves are available as standard industrial products for shop air, oil and lubricated water applications in your choice of manual, air or electric actuation. Barksdale also offers custom engineered control valves often found in hydraulic power systems, oil well blow-out preventors, and lubricating systems. A thumb actuated Shear-Seal valve is used for hydraulic control of the Jaws of Life cutting tool used by rescue teams around the world.
Barksdale's air suspension directional control valve is another example of how the Shear-Seal principle solves problems. Over the last few years, Barksdale Shear Seal has become the standard for class 8 truck manufacturers.
For air, oil, or lubricated water applications with pressure ranges from 150 to 10,000 psi, Barksdale Shear-Seal directional control valve is the valve you need.
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